Nationals Member for Tweed Geoff Provest is urging people to make plans for their future as part of the NSW Government’s ‘Get it in Black and White’ campaign.

In NSW only 56 per cent of people aged between 35 and 49 have a Will, only 19 per cent of people aged over 35 have an Enduring Guardian and only 40 per cent have a Power of Attorney.

The campaign calls for people to put plans in place in the event they lose capacity or pass away.

“This campaign empowers people to take control of their future it means decisions that have to be made at the end of your life are yours alone,” Mr Provest said.

“Our hope is that 2015 will be the year that people will put their plans in black and white.”

Planning ahead frees people from worry about their future.

“Most people know that having plans in place will be important one day, but they assume this will be far in the future, leaving many vulnerable if something happens unexpectedly,” Mr Provest said.

“By putting a plan in place now, people can take comfort in the knowledge that they and their loved ones will be supported when the time comes.”

Black and White ambassador, journalist Tracey Spicer said there were three steps peole had to take for their wishes to be respected – making a Will and Power of Attorney, and appointing an Enduring Guardian.

“By planning ahead you gain the peace of mind that you and your family will be looked after legally, medically and financially if you are become incapacitated through injury, dementia, stroke or frailty or if you pass away,” she said.

The Planning Ahead Tools website has relevant information, including a section for health and legal professionals. or call 1300 887 529